Book Review: Epic Content Marketing

December 9th, 2013

Epic Content Marketing: How to Tell a Different Story, Break through the Clutter, and Win More Customers by Marketing Less, by Joe Pulizzi is a comprehensive guide to content marketing. Pulizzi covers an overview of content marketing, why businesses should be doing it and how -- very specifically -- to use it. This was a great book that I am going to recommend to any…

Video: KATV Interview on Digital Trends

September 17th, 2013

This morning I sat down with Chris Kane at KATV to talk about some of the latest digital trends: crowdfunding and short-form video. Watch the discussion here: KATV - Breaking News, Weather and Razorback Sports

Talk Business Interview: Digital Communications & A Little Carry The Load (@CarryTheLoad)

May 27th, 2013

I sat down with Roby Brock of Talk Business to talk about the latest trends in digital communications and we concluded the conversation with a plug for Carry The Load since it is Memorial Day weekend. You can watch the entire interview here:

#SXSW 2013: Brainstorming Technology First

March 9th, 2013

One of my favorite SXSW sessions today was "Brainstorming Technology First." It was presented by an agency and they provided real examples with actionable steps for implementing a technology-first approach to brainstorming projects. R/GA created this process to counter the consistent problem they were encountering where an idea was generated then the question "is this possible" was asked to the technologist. Their desired outcome was…

Video: 2013 Digital Trend Predictions

January 4th, 2013

Yesterday morning I visited with KATV to talk about predictions for digital communications tools in 2013. Check out the video here: KATV - Breaking News, Weather and Razorback Sports

Video: Talking Digital Trends

December 12th, 2012

Yesterday, I talked with KARK about digital trends over the last year. You can watch the video here.