April 10th, 2017

Good Hair Days

I have naturally curly hair. But the curls are not full and beautiful. Nope. My “curls” are more like frizzy waves that don’t look great when left on their own. In fact, if I want to wear it curly, I usually blow dry it straight, then use a curling iron to curl it. All of this is to say: I wear my hair straight. It has taken me a lot of years to find the right product mix for my hair. I am feeling really good about the current mix that my stylist and friend Amy Hester at Red Beauty Lounge put together for me (all Oribe and R+Co products listed below can be found at Red Beauty Lounge in Little Rock, Arkansas).

oribe brilliace and shine shampoo and conditioner

Shampoo & Condition: Oribe Brilliance & Shine Shampoo and Oribe Brilliance & Shine Conditioner
All Oribe products are so great. This Brilliance and Shine line is perfect for smoothing my frizzy hair and keeping it shiny through all the heat I apply to it every day. And yes, I wash my hair every day. I know that I am not supposed to do that, but I exercise every day and I am a sweater. I sweat a lot and my hair is completely soaked by the end of a workout. I can’t not wash it and feel good about myself for the day. That being said if I don’t workout, I typically don’t wash my hair that day and use a dry shampoo (see below).

r+co high dive and r+co tinsel

Styling: R+Co High Dive Moisture + Shine Creme and R+Co Tinsel Smoothing Oil
After I have towel-dried my hair, I smooth a dollop of the R+Co High Dive Moisture + Shine Creme through my hair to weigh down my curls. This is not to say the product is heavy; it is definitely light weight. I then follow with a small pump of R+Co Tinsel Smoothing Oil to deal with any of the frizziness that inevitably creeps into my hair. I rub it on while my hair is still wet, but it can also be used as a finishing product for any flyaways.

t3 flat iron

Straightening: T3 Flat Iron
I have had this one forever, as you can tell by the photo (link is to the updated version). It gets super hot very quickly and just works well for my hair.

mason pearson popular brush and ibiza cx3 brush

Brushes: Mason Pearson “Popular” Bristle & Nylon Brush and iBiza Hair CX3 Brush
The iBiza Hair CX3 half-round brush is new to my collection. I picked up from Red Beauty Lounge last week and I love using it while drying my hair. It is much easier for me to use than a full-round brush. It has really helped get my hair smoother while drying. I use the Mason Pearson (which I have been using since 2012, hence its worn look in the photo) as my final brush through and any brushing I do throughout the day. I feel like this brush massages my scalp, pulls gently through my hair and doesn’t leave any flyaways.

oribe superfine strong hair spray and kevin murphy fresh hair

Finishing: Oribe Superfine Strong Hair Spray
I am not generally a hairspray girl: I like my hair to move naturally. However, this hairspray is super light, but helps keep all my hair going the general direction that I want it to go.

Dry Shampoo: Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair
As I mentioned above, I rarely use dry shampoo since I wash my hair almost every single day. But when I do use it, this Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair is my favorite. It is light, absorbs oil quickly and gives me the flexibility to style it easily after I brush it through.

Once a year-ish, I get a Brazilian Blowout at Red Beauty Lounge. This is definitely a luxury, but so worth it. The blowout is a straightening and smoothing treatment of my hair that lasts about three months. During the first few months after a Brazilian Blowout, I have do very little work with a flat iron (if any) and cut out use of many of these products. It is truly a perfect solution for our hot, humid summers in Arkansas. I highly recommend it! I am due for one now, but putting it off as long as can given the investment!

emily reeves dean

Sweatshirt by Spiritual Gangster.

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  1. Trying to hold off til mid-May for my Brazilian Blowout. Was going to wait til June but that just isn’t possible. Need it NOW! LOL.

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