September 23rd, 2016

Current Favorite Podcasts

revisionist history podcast playing on an iphone 7 plus

I go through phases with podcasts: I will get really into a them and listen constantly or I will not listen to any for six months. I am currently in a “listen” phase, so I thought I would share some of my favorites. My podcast preferences lean towards education over entertainment (my YouTube preferences lean towards entertainment, so maybe I will share some of my favorites there in a later post).

Six Pixels of Separation

The Six Pixels of Separation podcast by Mitch Joel is for the digital nerd in me. Joel is a digital marketer who owned his own agency, started a blog, parlayed that into several successful books and has maintained a weekly podcast for the last decade. Each week he interviews someone in the marketing field (typically with a new book, a successful blog or agency, etc.). The episodes are long-ish at 45 minutes, but Joel’s interview questions and the conversations that ensue are super relevant to the digital marketing landscape and I always feel more educated at the end of each episode.

Reply All

Reply All bills itself as “a show about the internet.” And that is exactly what it is: in each episode the hosts research a question about information found online. It could be a blog by a man serving a prison sentence (how does he post? why does he post?), a tweet that goes viral (what does it really mean?), or a Tinder profile picture that was taken in a person’s apartment who doesn’t know the person in the profile (wtf?). The hosts always make me laugh and I learn something new in every episode.

Revisionist History

Revisionist History with Malcom Gladwell is my latest obsession. This series of podcasts revisits past events and sheds new light on the facts, offering a different perspective from what we thought to be true. The episodes are well-researched and diverse. I am a big fan of Gladwell’s writing and his podcast does not disappoint.┬áMy favorite was the last episode about satire; I recommend starting with this one!

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