August 5th, 2016

Favorite Things: The Best Birthday Present

I am at that age where it is hard to buy birthday presents for friends and for family. We all tend to indulge ourselves a bit too much and buy what we want and what we need for ourselves. And when it comes time for my birthday, of course my family wants a “list” or “ideas” for what to buy, and I never know what to suggest. To my mother-in-law, my husband just said, “she likes girly things, so get her something girly.” I know that was tremendously helpful to her. But it did spark an idea and she ran with it: a handful of her favorite new “products.” Perfectly girly and perfect for a girl who loves products! I was so delighted by this gift idea that I will probably be stealing it for my own gift giving occasions in the future.

Not only was the gift idea a good one, but I love all the products that she sent and will likely end up buying all of them when I run out.

Kai Body Wash

I was not prepared to love the smell of this body wash as much I do. I have already purchased more because I don’t want to run out! I have even purchased the coordinating Kai Body Lotion for every day use. Love!

Leg Lotion

Billed as “Photoshop in a pouch,” this leg lotion just kind of smooths your legs and gives light coverage.

Eyeko Fat Brush Mascara

I am pretty devoted to DiorShow Mascara, but this Eyeko Fat Brush Mascara is definitely a contender for continued use. I really like that it is packaged in a squeezable tube because it makes me feel like I am getting every ounce of mascara from the package. And, I am a sucker for great packaging.

Eye Gels

More than anything else, using Skyn Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels feels like I am pampering myself. Putting something on my eyes forces me to sit down and relax, even through these adhere to the skin. Highly recommend.

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