July 29th, 2016

Reading: Latest Book Series Obsession

Kindle e-reader screen showing Karin Slaughter book titles

I enjoy a good book series almost as much as (and maybe sometimes more than) finding a good multi-season tv series on Netflix. And much like binge watching on Netflix, I will binge read a book series.

My latest obsession is with the author Karin Slaughter, whose “Grant County” series I started about a month ago. I quickly finished the six books in that series and then reluctantly started on her “Will Trent” series. I say reluctantly because I didn’t feel like I had any kind of resolution when the “Grant County” series ended. But I liked the pace and the stories and the twists that Slaughter incorporated, so I decided to trust her when I moved on to “Will Trent.” She did not disappoint. I am now on the fifth of nine “Will Trent” books and I am staying up way past my bedtime each night to keep reading. I am also happy to report that some of the “Grant County” characters make appearances in the “Will Trent” books, giving me that resolution I missed when I completed that series.

Both the “Grant County” and “Will Trent” series are thrillers, with the central characters in varying┬ároles of law enforcement. The writing is not complex, but the descriptions of the crimes are graphic and grisly. In fact, the reviews of the first book had me both wanting to read it and scared to start the book for fear of nightmares. The twists, turns, surprises and gory details were reminiscent of Gillian Flynn‘s writing. The characters are well-developed and even relatable. Particularly, the female characters are strong, but greatly flawed, which I can appreciate.

This series has been a fun summer indulgence for me. If you like book series and thrillers, I highly recommend Karin Slaughter.

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