July 7th, 2015

Best of Shreveport, Louisiana Dining

Though I grew up in Shreveport, Louisiana, I have been living in Arkansas since I was 18 years old. However, I frequently go back to Shreveport to visit my dad and my friends.  When I go home, I definitely have an opinion about where and what I eat. And surprisingly, a number of people I know from Arkansas end up visiting Shreveport and always ask for restaurant recommendations. Here is my round-up of favorite restaurants in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Shreveport Favorites:

  • The Cub: I remember The Cub for its bar rather than its restaurant. But in my adult life I have come to know the restaurant, too. And it is good. This is a true hole-in-the-wall that has been a favorite Shreveport haunt for decades. The steaks are great and the atmosphere is cozy. Try to call ahead for a table as the restaurant is small and fills quickly with locals.
  • Herby K’s: You might think you are driving to a dead end of town, but when you hit Herby K’s, there is a party. Truly a hole-in-the-wall and truly tiny, a visit to Herby K’s is unforgettable. Poboys, gumbo and onion rings are great, but what you really need to order is the Shrimp Buster. It what they are known for and there is a reason for that. Sitting outside means you will be sitting a table with strangers and likely sweating. Sitting inside means you will have those who are next in line staring at you. Either way, it is a good time.
  • Johnny’s Pizza: Trust me on this: there is something different about this pizza and it is different in a good way. They are known for their “sweep the kitchen” supreme pizza, but all flavors are good. Get it to go and enjoy an evening on the couch with Johnny’s Pizza and a vodka freeze from one of the many drive-thru daiquiri stores around town.
  • Monjuni’s: This little eclectic Italian restaurant is now a chain, but I remember when it was just one location and I still only like to go to the original. Their sauce is sweet, which doesn’t appeal to everyone, but I love it. Rather than chips and salsa, they serve toasted bread and their sweet sauce. I like everything on the menu; you can not choose badly.
  • Strawn’s: My brother’s first job was making strawberry pies at Strawn’s Eat Shop. Growing up, we went here after soccer games, for Saturday lunch and any other time they were open. Now a trip to Shreveport is not complete for me until we eat at Strawn’s. The are famous for their ice box pies (my favorite is coconut cream), but they cheeseburgers and fries are greasy and perfect.
  • Superior Grill: Oh, the memories lost from their strong margaritas. You must have a margarita here and order a double. The bar and restaurant is always packed, so you will definitely be waiting for a table. They don’t take reservations, but have been known to move you up the waitlist for a well-placed tip. I don’t mind the wait though. The TexMex is good, but that’s not really why you are there.


Not every restaurant in Shreveport is a greasy hole-in-the-wall — though those definitely have the most character. For those looking for some “white tablecloth” options, here are the good ones.

Fine Dining:

  • Bella Fresca:  This romantic Italian restaurant has been known to host more than a few celebrities in town filming a movie. I’ve heard reports that Katie Holmes visited several times while shooting Mad Money. Did you know Shreveport has become a bit of a movie making hotspot?
  • Chianti: Authentic Italian and a Shreveport favorite. I’ve heard from a reliable source that Christina Hendricks ate there while shooting Dark Places.
  • Ernest’s: Regardless your age, but I can guarantee you will might be one of the youngest people dining at Ernest’s. It sits atop a hill, has an air of exclusivity to it and feels as old as the people regularly seen dining there. The food is good and it is a Shreveport classic. You really can’t go wrong with a meal at Ernest’s.
  • Superior Steak House: A classic steakhouse with the bit wooden bar and brass accents throughout, Superior is a fine meal. And, a scene from the 2006 Kevin Costner/Ashton Kutcher film The Guardian was shot in the main dining room.
  • The Village Grille: To be perfectly honest, this is one of those places that we went to with our prom dates. It feels fancy. But don’t let that diminish it as a great place to go. Valet parking, intimate dining and good food make this a place to visit over and over again. It also happens to be next door to the original Monjuni’s restaurant (see above).

Enjoy your visit to Shreveport!

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