June 28th, 2015

Totally About Totes

I guess it is my type-A, super organized personality that attracts me to tote bags. It seems no matter the different styles of purses that I buy, I always gravitate back to my tote bags. In a tote bag, each itemĀ has its place, I can open it and see everything that is there and carry the thingsĀ I need all the time (always be prepared!). These are my favorite tote bags.

This Longchamp Pilage bag is a good size for daily use. I use a bag insert to keep it more structured and organized.

This Everlane Petra tote is huge and great for travel or days when I need to carry all my regular needs plus work gear.

This Madewell Transport tote (I have it in brown) is more casual and its vertical orientation makes it less bulky in a crowd or when shopping.

This Tory Burch nylon tote is good when a more lightweight bag is needed. I use it to haul workout gear around.


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