July 21st, 2014

Favorite App of the Week: BarkCam by BarkBox

photo 4

Rarely do I download an app and use it more than a few days or a couple of times before its novelty expires. I thought that BarkCam by BarkBox would be one of those apps. But given the fact that I take many, many pictures of my three dogs, BarkCam has become one of my favorite apps.

First a bit about BarkBox: it is a monthly subscription box with toys and treats for your dog. I have been a subscriber now for a while for my Labs and recently added a second box for my small Cavalier King Charles Spaniel addition to the family. I have never been disappointed in the box goodies, and neither have my dogs.

BarkBox also has a blog called BarkPost. It is a compilation of all news dog-related, the heartwarming and the entertaining. It is one of my favorite updates to see in my Facebook news stream.

Then last week, BarkBox introduced the BarkCam app. This camera app makes sounds just before the shutter clicks. The noises get the attention of your pup and the perfect look-at-the-camera face that is so hard to capture. You can select from several different sound effects, including a duck quack, a doorbell and a dinosaur. Once you’ve captured the image, the app has tools for adding filters, thought bubbles and icons like bow ties and sunglasses.

The app is free and only available for iPhones currently. If you have cute dogs and tend to take photos of them, this app is worth the download.

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