July 8th, 2014

You Should Apply For The @ARKChallenge TODAY

Today is the last day to get your application in for the central Arkansas ARK Challenge 2014. If you have a business idea, good partners and a desire to work hard to make your idea into a business, you should apply for the ARK Challenge. Don’t let your age, your current job, your naivety or your fear get in the way. The experience is life-changing.

Last summer, I participated in the NWA ARK Challenge 2013. I was the oldest one there, held my full-time job, had no idea what I was getting into and was a bit nervous about being able to do it at all . While the business I worked on didn’t “win” and I exited the business shortly after the program, I learned so much about operating a business, made great friends and feel better for the experience. And I felt like I left with a mini-MBA after 14 weeks.┬áIn short, it was worth it. If you are interested in learning from my experience, scroll through my weekly updates shared on this blog. If you want to get some of my startup advice, head over to my posts on the Innovate Arkansas blog.

Here is a video to inspire you (and you’ll will hear from me here, too):

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