December 1st, 2013

Presentation Ready: The "Magic" Cord Bag

Over my years in the agency business, I have learned the hard way how embarrassing it is when you don’t have the proper cables and equipment to give your presentation. As a result, I have built up a collection of equipment that stays in my computer bag at all times so that I am always presentation ready. People know that I have this perfect back of cables and connectors, therefore they frequently ask to borrow it. While I am always happy to help a colleague out, this is my personal stash. Too many things get lost of misplaced when 50+ people have access to it. To help my fellow agency presenters, here is what is in my “magic” cord bag. Maybe it is time you started building your own.

Image 11-27-13 at 10.58 AM
Power brick extension cord, Thunderbolt to HDMI connector, Thunderbolt to VGA connector, retractable audio cord, retractable HDMI cord, Retractable VGA cord, USB flash drive, extra batteries, USB remote, old iPad to VGA connector, old iPad to HDMI connector, new iPad to VGA connector, new iPad to HDMI connector. (Click photo to enlarge.)
photo 2
All those cords, connectors and equipment fit in this cute Kate Spade bag.
photo 1 (1)
A portable speaker that projects enough sound to make your videos sound good even if you forgot the big ones or the room in which you are presenting doesn’t have audio.
photo 3
My computer, my “magic” cord bag, the speaker, my meeting bag (notebook, pens, business cards, etc.), and the power brick for my computer all fit in this fabulous Sseko tote bag.

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