October 23rd, 2013

Book Review: Do The Work

I have been on a bit of a Steven Pressfield kick lately with a third book in a row by him, this one titled Do The Work. Like the War of Art, in this book Pressfield writes a manifesto encouraging creators to push past the barriers that are keeping them from creating. This is a short book and a quick read. With quips like, “Don’t Think. Act.” and “Be Stubborn.” Pressfield gives us permission to be ourselves in our work and stop trying too hard to meet others expectations.

My favorite quotes from the manifesto include:

“Don’t prepare. Begin.”

“Start before you are ready.”

“Let the unconscious do the work.”

“Outline it fast. Now. On instinct.”

“Figure out where you want to go, then work backwards from there.”

“Panic is good. It is a sign we are growing.”

“Start (again) before you are ready.”

Now, go do the work.

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