April 26th, 2013

Girl Gets Geeky: I'm Learning to Code

I am learning to code. I can’t prove it yet, because I am still learning. And part of the reason I am writing this is because by putting it out there I will feel an obligation to continue my education so I can ultimately prove to you all that I am following through with my resolution to learn to code.

I don’t need to learn to code. And it is a skill I’ll likely never use to code a site for a client. I may play around with it on my own sites. But I really want to learn to code so that I can better understand the skills needed to hire for the department I now manage and so that I can better understand the possibilities for digital communications in a world where anything is possible if you now the programming languages, how to manipulate data and are familiar with the platforms and channels that people use regularly. In short, learning to code will make me smarter and help me come up with better, more innovative communications ideas for our clients.

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