March 11th, 2013

About This Blog: A Bit of Explanation for Content Shifts

This is a blog about things I notice and things I like (mostly) related to my work. That covers the spectrum of digital communications, technology, books, and personal style. I keep the conversation here (mostly) in the realm of business-related topics. And, yes, I think style falls into that category because it is about presentation and your personal brand, which is extremely important in our digital age. I am extremely girly, love technology and work in business where presentation is important, being high-maintenance is burdensome and being tech-savvy is valued. I consider this blog my way of bringing all those things together in some workable way and giving my opinion on the products, service and devices I find useful, stylish and not to heavy to carry around in my big bags.

I started this bog in January of 2008. It is hard to believe I have been writing and sharing here for five years. It has evolved over the years as I find my voice, explore new interests and figure out what content makes sense to discuss at any given time.

In July of 2012, the agency where I work started a blog, Waiting for the Elevator, that I contribute to, along with many others from the agency. As a result, much of my digital communications content ends up over on that site. You can find all my contributions here. The overflow of that content gets shared here on Ms. Adverthinker.

I just thought a bit of an explanation was needed as the content here may seem to jump all over the place lately. But, there is a master plan in place. And yes, I still think the name is perfect for the content I am sharing. And pink is my signature color.

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