March 10th, 2013

Girl Gets Geeky: #SXSW 2013, An Update On What's In My Bag

My bag hasn’t gotten any lighter since the first day of SXSW. I’ve only added to it and it has gotten much messier:

SXSW Bag Day 3

It is still relatively easy to find what I need in that bag though, mostly because I have bags inside of the bag and each bag is “themed” so like contents can be found in the same bag. I made reference to my “necessities” bag in my “Day 1” bag post, but here are the contents that I consider necessities and that can be found in that bag.

SXSW Necessities Bag

  1. Jendarling Traveler bag.
  2. Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve, because dry hands hurt.
  3. MAC Fix+, for a face refresher.
  4. This is really a card case, but I use it as a wallet. It is engraved with an “E” on the top and it was a gift from a good friend.
  5. Aesop Ginger Flight Therapy, for help with relaxing during times of frustration (like not being able to get into full sessions).
  6. Bandages, for the blisters on my feet. These came from the SXSW trade show and Kyle actually picked them up. When he was showing me his swag, I begged for them. He graciously turned them over to me.
  7. Headache medicine.
  8. Apple EarPods.
  9. NARS Light Reflecting Setting Powder.
  10. Urban Decay Lip Junkie Lipgloss in Naked.
  11. Estee Lauder compact, engraved with my mom’s initials and my parents’ wedding anniversary.
  12. NARS Velvet Lip Gloss Pencil in Cythere.
  13. Rodin lip balm.
  14. Kleenex pocket pack.
  15. Herbal Essentials antibacterial wipes.
  16. “Boss Ladies” receipt pouch, for collecting receipts, a gift from a good friend.

I never claimed to be low-maintenance.

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