August 21st, 2012

Shoes and Content and Video – Oh my!

If Carrie Bradshaw taught us anything, it is that women are passionate about shoes. I am definitely passionate about shoes–looking at them, talking about them, buying them, wearing them–all these things make me happy. Nine West is tapping into this passion with their new online video channel dedicated to shoes: Channel 9.

This new channel has original content with topics centered on shoes, but covering fashion, make-up and life events (like Prom). Nine West says they will be producing 10 hours of content over the coming months. From NY Times:

“We are aiming to offer great stories, amazing personalities and practical information for every woman who loves shoes and fashion,” said Michael Rourke, the company’s chief.

This is a smart campaign because:

  • Cliched as it sounds at this point, content is king. The brand generating content that keeps consumers engaged, talking and coming back over and over again is going to win. And just because the content is about shoes doesn’t mean women will automatically build a community around it. At first blush, this content appears to be interesting, diverse and fresh. Time will tell if Nine West can maintain that.
  • Consumers want more video content. I reference that stat about 90% of online content consumed will be video by 2015 a lot, but it is just so overwhelming to think about until I realize how much video content I consume in a day and understand that prediction is probably pretty accurate. Brands like Nine West are recognizing that trend and jumping on the wagon to make sure they are left behind.
  • It is about shoes. And who doesn’t want to talk about shoes? (I am pretty sure I should be interviewed for the “Shoe Hoarders” series they are planning.)

Shoes and content and video – oh my, indeed.

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