August 17th, 2012

What's in that bag?

I like to be prepared for any situation. So I carry a big bag with everything I could possibly imagine needing during the day or while traveling (and I travel a lot). And when I say my bag is big, I am not exaggerating.

As a result, people comment on its size and ask me almost daily “what’s in that bag?” My answer is usually, “my life.” I answer that way because it is easier than detailing the contents of my bag, but I am going to quell the suspicions here today!

What’s in that bag?

  1. Computer and accessories. 13″ MacBook Pro in fushia BuiltNY sleeve, VGA adapter, power block with PlugBug extension.
  2. Lacrosse ball in orange. It belonged to my brother and I like to have it with me for luck, for use as toy, for use as a weapon, etc. It always confuses TSA.
  3. Technology accessories. Mophie for charging a dead iPhone when no power is available, wall and car charger for iPhone/iPad, screen cleaning cloth, iPad stylus, Maglite flashlight, Fossil zip pouch in hot pink.
  4. Spectacles. I can’t see across a room, so I always have at least one pair of glasses with me. These are special because they are Warby Parker, an organization that gives glasses to someone in need for every pair purchased.
  5. Cards. I have business cards, personal cards and social media cards. In a J.Crew zip pouch covered in dots.
  6. Energy. Kind bars, Cliff bars, Starbucks VIA Refreshers, lemon ginger tea, and gummy bears. My favorite koozie is always with me, too.
  7. Embroidered handkerchief. Made for me by a friend and embroidered with my name, I always have it with me.
  8. iPad. Reading, writing, note-taking, entertaining. It always comes in handy. In a DoDo case lined in pink linen.
  9. Sunglasses. A necessity. These are Ray-Bans, Original Wayfarer in black.
  10. Foldable flats. I am usually wearing 3″+ heels and long days are not friendly to my feet. These are Tieks and I love them.
  11. Bag full of personal items. Herban Essentials antibacterial wipes, Excedrin Migrane, Colgate Wisps, various make-up and hair tools, all in a Saltbox zipper pouch.
  12. Bag full of liquid personal items. Kept separate for ease in security lines at the airport. Lip glosses, scents, hair needs, etc. In a Vera Bradley clear zipper pouch.
  13. iPhone. In white.
  14. Necessities bag. I use this as the bag of items that comes from the big bag to a satellite bag when a big bag would be awkward. Small sized: mints, hair bands, earbuds, eyeliner, lip care, concealer and lotion. Fossil zip pouch in hot pink.
  15. Secondary necessities bag. Travels with #14. Kleenex, mirror, hair stick, lots of lip care options, mints, wallet. The zipper pouch was a gift from a friend.
  16. Notebook and pen. For times when technology fails or during air travel. I use Moleskine notebooks and pens.
  17. Sleep mask. Dream Essentials. I keep it in my bag all the time, but it really only gets used when I travel. And I usually grab any opportunity to sleep because it doesn’t happen that often for me.

Now you know.

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