August 17th, 2012

Dressing with Purpose

I am girly. The name and design of this blog would tell you that without knowing anything else about me. If you saw my “What’s in that bag?” post, you know I love make-up and hair. Because I am so girly, I also love clothes, shoes and all the accessories that go with fashion.

I am also a professional, working in an office environment. So I take great care in how I dress for work each day: I want to be professional, always ready for an impromptu presentation to a client (even if I happen to be wearing jeans that day), comfortable (we have a laid back and creative office), and attempt to be stylish. How a person presents themselves in dress says a lot about them; most days at work, I want my dress to say “confident.”

Here is a glimpse of this week’s outfit choices. As you can see, heels, blazers, pencil skirts, dresses and button down shirts are my go-tos for making casual and jeans feel more professional and dressed up.

2 thoughts on “Dressing with Purpose

  1. It’s fascinating how women dress according to how they feel that day. I’m told a lot of thought goes into choosing your outfit!

    I saw your blog from Good Reads. I noticed you like reading user experience books, too! I’m curious, what do you do? Advertising?

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