March 14th, 2012

Women Online: Facts & Figures #SXSWi

Here are some random facts and figures about women and their online behaviors. Interesting stuff.

Digital Divas are about 25% of the female population. A Digital Diva is defined as:

  • More social
  • Competency with technology
  • Buy more technology (they own 7.8 digital devices, average woman owns 5.6)
  • Spend more time online (intensity)
  • Moms represent a disproportionate amount of Digital Divas
  • Skew younger

Women are more likely than men to buy three out of the top four consumer electronics. They also spend more time engaging with the technology than men.

Women are more likely to experience no-mo-phobia: a fear of losing the mobile phone. The most likely reason they worry about this is they worry about losing the photos stored on the phone.

Adult women play more games than than all of men (55% compared to 45%). Average age of social gamer is 43 years old, and she’s a woman.

Women speak 7,000 words a day vs. men who speak 2,000 words a day.

Men connect online to hunt. Women connect online to gather. Women’s number one reason to log on is to connect to others, men’s number reason is to research how to do things.

Men congregate online. Women communicate online.

Women are driving 62% of all Facebook activity.

Women turn to Facebook first to recommend products and services. Moms in particular are very active on Facebook with brands.

When women are looking for a product recommendation, this is where they go and in the order they go there:

  1. Facebook
  2. Retail site
  3. Blogs

Men want to talk about brands. Women want to talk with brands. A man’s instinct is to inform and impart knowledge. A woman wants to engage. This is basic human nature and true all the time about how the genders engage in the world.

Men want brands to give them knowledge, to be informers and teach them something. Women want the brands to connect them with people.

Where do women start their online purchase journeys? Google. 58% of women start navigating towards a purchase through a search engine. Where do they go from there? 67% of the 58% then go directly to a social network, specifically the brand’s Facebook page. Then half of those go to the retail page. What are they doing on Facebook? Getting smart before the cart, learning about new products, researching what others say about the brand, confirming what they thought about the brand, and crossing brands off their consideration list.

What drives women to like a brand on Facebook?

  1. Deals and steals/discounts
  2. 55% for customer service
  3. 29% for the opportunity to contribute ideas for new products and services.

Facebook “likes” create evangelism and foster loyalty. These are the people that will fight back against the critics online.

Women like an average of 8.1 brands on Facebook and are becoming more selective about the brands they like, but we don’t know why.

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