March 13th, 2011

#SXSWi Session Notes: Jeffery Zeldman's Awesome Internet Design Panel

These are my raw notes from this session.

We choose how to experience a site/app based on the tool we use: iPad, iPhone, Chrome, etc.

But, have to think about how the end user will experience it. They are technology agnostic. They don’t want to think about how it looks in Firefox vs. Chrome.

Creators need to continue thinking about the end user., open source. Write once, publish everywhere.

Algorithms, JavaScript, HTML 5, Flash. (I am in a very large room full if developers.)

A print designer has total tyranny over the page. The reader can’t escape. On the web, the user can and wants to consume in a variety of ways.

Content consumption is changing and people will pay for content, buy the pricing model is broken. You used to get a handful of magazines each month, a couple odor books and newspapers. Now you might read 2000 blogs each month. You aren’t going to pull out your credit card 2000 times each month. The business models need to be reinvented.

Readability plug-in. Reformats text on the fly using HTML and JavaScript. And hides the ads. Perhaps Readability and bookmarking tools become subscription based and every time you click, the author gets part of your subscription money.

People love to read on the internet, but it is hard to do with all the flashing ads and columns, etc.

Now asking apps to curate for you because consumers are overwhelmed with tier feeds. But tools like Flipboard need some kind of human editor.

Don’t advertise, create things that remind people that they are human, or create something that they want to use.

Creators need to put the user first. What is the user trying to achieve? Start with mobile? Perhaps.

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