March 13th, 2011

#SXSWi Session Notes: Haters Gonna Hate: Lessons for Advertisers From 4chan

These are my raw notes from this session.

Speaker is Director of Digital Strategy for Publicis in NY. Describes herself as a b-tard. Taught at Miami Ad School..

4chan is an image board forum. Very old school method if Internet communications. 4chan is anonymous, which is very unusual now. No archives. Very fast moving. If you say something on 4chan and it is not interesting, it will go away. You can’t search for something on 4chan. There a very few rules and it is quite chaotic.

4chan is a high speed microcosm of the world. It is a small strange community that shown us idea spreads.

“Bump” is something people can do on 4chan to show a “like” for the idea posted and keep itinerary the front page longer. Real time response, live critique. This is how brands are treated online right now.

People are remixing, playing with and editing our brands on their own, whether we want or allow or not. That is the crux of this conversation: 4chan show what happens when the community takes over. How can we learn from that and embrace that?

If you are not getting the views that you want, then consumers are telling you that you are not culturally relevant.

When people want to see more, then your campaign is successful. This happened with Old Spice. Real time content creation becomes the need. Agencies and clients are not currently structured this way. It is a huge shift in terms of teams, money and turnaround time.

Microcontent is the answer. Fast, small and sticky. See this happening and FB and YouTube.

When you ask consumers to come co-create with us, chaos can happen. Need to have rules and moderation in place. But how do you deal with that effectively?

A troll is someone who is annoying you because it is funny. For the “LOLs.” Speaker gives free burger giveaway example when fulfillment wasn’t ready to give the burgers. Had built the community big and fast and they started complaining. Need to have a plan for this. TGIFridays.

NYPA = not your personal army. Sometimes we are asking people to do too much. Just because you can ask, doesn’t mean that you should.

How do you get past legal? Get all the people in the room together at the same time so that everyone that has to say yes or no is there and can do it on the spot. Additionally, the legal person would learn and be more likely to approve more.

Brands with lower budgets are better at social media because they are wiling to take more risks. And don’t have another choice.

In measurement, people understand dollars, so the closer you can get it to dollars, the better your chance of getting buy-in. This is usually impressions and sales.

Astro-turfing = the idea of creating a grassroots campaign that is actually fake. If you get caught, you are in trouble.

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