January 14th, 2010

I am an iPhone App!

Check me out in the Apple App Store – Ms. Adverthinker is now a free app for your iPhone.  Created by MotherApp, a free service that creates apps for your blog, the Ms. Adverthinker app pulls in my blog feed, my YouTube posts and my Twitter feed.  Never go without Ms. Adverthinker again.

One thought on “I am an iPhone App!

  1. Another Arkansas-based iPhone app is always welcome. The demand for local apps has been growing measurably over the past few weeks, rather like the boom times of the early World Wide Web. It sounds like every agency in town is trying to find an iPhone app developer, but most of them will have to go out-of-state to find qualified programmers.

    The demand for Arkansas-based apps will see another sharp increase when Verizon starts selling iPhones later this year.

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