May 3rd, 2009

Succumbing to Tumblr

I have finally spent some time trying to understand Tumblr and how I might use it.  I kind of love it.  Lance Turner has been a fan for a while.  I thought maybe I already had too many places to share, but it turns out there are a lot of things I bookmark and like, but aren’t really relevant for Ms. Adverthinker, Facebook, Twitter, or my other blog (soon to be revealed).  Tumblr seems like it will be a catch-all for all that other stuff (to those that care, of which I think there are few).

Tumblr is a blogging tool that is easy to use: you don’t have to know CSS to change the link colors to pink (of course) or even have to know how to use any kind of basic word tool.  You just click a button representing the type of content you want to post and Tumblr makes it exceptionally easy.  I have tested the Tumblr application on the iPhone, and it too, is ridiculously easy.  For those just starting out with blogging, this is the perfect tool.

I am still experimenting with content, but you can check my Tumblr page out here.  So far, I am only following two others on Tumblr: Lance Turner and Robert Blake (I particularly like his post: The Men and Woman You Should Be Following on Twitter).

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