March 15th, 2009

Writing In Brief

As a reader of this blog, you must, by now, know of my frustrations with Twitter.  To recap–before delving into the subject matter of this post–Twitter is fantastic as a tool for disseminating and gathering information quickly, but it is maddening for its overuse by people who both have nothing interesting to say and then say those things in the most trite ways. (This is not an open invitation to judge my Twitter posts; I recognize that I have fallen into that latter category more than once over the last couple of years.)

I think I have found a solution for those poor, inept Twitter-ers that I despise: take your cues from poetry.  My interest in poetry is recent; and in reading verses today, it occurred to me that poets can say a lot with just a few words and make it a compelling read–and how relevant that is to our modern day communication tool, Twitter.

My advice to Twitter-ers: don’t let the tool’s ease-of-use make you dumb.  Think about what you are writing, how it is fed out your network, and how that reflects on you.

My challenge to Twitter-ers: hone your voice, establish a rhythm, become poetic.  You will stand out from the crowd.

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