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February 26th, 2009

My Twitter Weighs a Ton (tags: Twitter social media networking trends technology) Tracking Twitter Links: Twitter Analytics Tools & More | Get Elastic (tags: Twitter social media networking analytics technology tracking measurement) MediaPost Publications Twitter Useful For B2B Marketers 02/26/2009 (tags: Twitter B2B online technology marketing social networking media) GovTwit Directory « New Thinking (tags: Twitter social networking media transparency government technology)

My Love/Hate Relationship With Twitter: A Rant

February 26th, 2009

Twitter feels dirty and overused; I just want it off me. My first tweet was on November 15, 2007.  I thought Twitter was great: I linked it to my Facebook status and updated frequently.  All those "in the know" on technology and social media were using it.  It wasn't overused, people were sharing information and gathering information.  Fantastic.  I had big dreams about how Twitter…

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February 24th, 2009

State of the Art -’s Kindle Goes From Good to Better - Love the Kindle. (tags: Kindle reading books Amazon technology.) Social websites harm children's brains: Chilling warning to parents from top neuroscientist | Mail Online (tags: social networking media Twitter Facebook technology children development) Elaine Showalter, "A Jury of Her Peers" | Salon Books (tags: reading books writers authors women writing) Twittering…

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February 23rd, 2009

John Kelly - Let's Show the Apostrophe Some Love - (tags: grammar punctuation apostrophe) Howard Kurtz - The Social Network Twitter Is Becoming Something of a Hangout for High-Profile TV Anchors - (tags: Twitter TV anchor news tweets online social media networking technology) Advertising - Tropicana Discovers Some Buyers Are Passionate About Packaging - (tags: marketing business design packaging Tropicana orange juice…

Social Media Periodic Table

February 23rd, 2009

Courtesy of Eyecube, find the original post here, that includes the key.

links for 2009-02-22

February 22nd, 2009

Greatest 101 questions of all time: 1-20 - Telegraph (tags: interesting culture facts information) Why Big Brands Struggle With Social Media (tags: social media networking marketing advertising Facebook Twitter technology)