November 13th, 2008

Progressive Military

Who is the Army trying to recruit?  A generation of youth that grew up on the internet and shares everything online.  To reach this audience, the Army has launched a new recruiting campaign that uses the web as its hub.  It is about time the military got up-to-date with messaging and delivery methods.  The key to the website is video delivery of “testimonials” from soldiers in Iraq.  People considering enlistment in the Army can ask soldiers questions and get video responses.  It takes the “scary” out of the unknown and gives potential recruits a way to interact.  This generation of potential recruits are comfortable with online search and using video for education; the Army was smart to shift tactics to reach this young audience.  While the Army is a traditional establishment, it has recognized the need to be more progressive in its message and delivery.  Great use of the online space.

Check out this NY Times article for more.  My favorite line from the article:

“To help pay for the new media features, cutbacks are being made in areas like the Army’s sponsorships of professional rodeos.”

See the site at

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