February 13th, 2008

Majority of Web Users Female

Courtesy of Advertising Age this week, we learn that 2007 was the year that women tipped the scale to compose more than 50% of online users. What are they doing online?

  • Shopping: travel, clothing, health & beauty products, financial products, and food. Women 45 to 54 were much more likely than men to make impulse purchases online when given limited-time offers or extra free items.
  • Gaming: women are more likely to pay for play.
  • Viewing video: news, movies previews, and music videos.
  • Parenting: more than 43 million moms go online daily and spend an average of 85 minutes there.
  • Socializing: women 25-34, with a college degree are more often to search for local dining and entertainment information, use instant messaging, visit social-networking sites, read blogs, and download music.
  • Dating: when dating online, they lie about weight more often than any other attribute.
  • Staying healthy: almost 84% of all women sought healthcare information online.

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