January 30th, 2008

Green Building Craze

It is hard to pick up a publication these days without there being some story on the “green movement.” New construction is one way in which companies can join the green movement and it turns out, old buildings can be green too. In Sunday’s New York Times, there was an article on how existing buildings can be “greened”: “As more companies look to reduce waste, along with the carbon imprint, they find that their buildings are one of their most immediate opportunities. For their efforts, they typically get a healthier, cleaner work environment, improved efficiency and lower operating costs, all of which can help attract tenants and employees. A 2006 Green Building Council study found that by retrofitting buildings, owners can save 90 cents a square foot annually, on average, in energy and other costs and earn back their investment in 2 to 2 1/2 years.”  With continued high-profile coverage of the opportunities, surely more companies will start implementing efforts to reduce their strain on the environment.

The green movement continues to gain momentum in Arkansas as well.  Not only do we have the Clinton Library and Heifer International leading the way with commercial buildings, but there are also a growing number of “green” residential developments planned in Arkansas, as reported in our Arkansas Democrat-Gazette this week.  Arkansas is more progressive than people think:

  • Woodglen Park will be a 35-home solar subdivision in Little Rock.
  • CityGrove Townhomes and Rockwater Village in North Little Rock will focus on ensuring that homes are built near public transportation and other amenities.

Arkansas is really stepping up as a leader in green building!

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